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obamaobamaobamaobamaIn June 1963, Governor George Wallace disobeyed a court order and blocked the entrance of the University of Alabama (in Tuscaloosa) so that African American students could not enter.   Just 10 years later, Wallace confined to a wheel chair crowned the University of Alabama’s first Black Homecoming Queen in 1973.  Now in 2008, presidential hopeful, Obama (a black man), as one headline read, “… wins [the] Alabama [primary] by a wide margin”  on “SuperTuesday”, February 5.  While we don’t know the future of the campaign, we can say this, this campaign has not only generated a lot of buzz and excitement (for example, on SuperTuesday – some voting places in California ran out of ballots!) but Obama (as one friend said), “has seemingly brought the nation together.”  It is exciting to be living in this moment of history!


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