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Yesterday as I drove home I noticed three teenagers: an African American guy; and two white females.  Multicultural ‘tribes’ like this are very common and I am elated about it.  Something else that is common: young men wearing baggy pants that fall below their waistlines with ‘boxers’ visible.  This fashion style transcends race, nationality, etc.  For instance, in July 2005 I saw male college students at the University of Cape Town (South Africa) wearing their pants the same way.  However, yesterday I think my ‘eyes were failing me’ because I believe that one of the white young ladies was wearing her pants like her male friend?  Yes, her pants were baggy and sagging below her waistline. I don’t think this is a fluke as I remember seeing a young lady on the campus of Lindenwood University wearing her pants below her waistline.  What’s going on?


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