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I gave a good friend a preview of this blog this morning.  I remember leaving my home and traveling on a street when I noticed a black wallet lying in the street.  I stopped my car and retrieved the wallet.  (And yes, I did check to see if there was money in the wallet – who wouldn’t?).  Inside the wallet was a driver’s license and high school student ID card among other things.  The next day I mailed the wallet to the high school in hopes that the administration would promptly return it to the student.  I did this several months ago; I think before Christmas.  What’s wrong about this picture?  I didn’t get a ‘thank you’ card from the male student.   Now, I not one to demand a ‘thank you’ but I wonder if this is just a fluke or is this indicative of some young people today (an aversion to say ‘thank you’)?  Is this a sense of entitlement operating here? (I’ve written about entitlement before somewhere on this blog.)

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  1. Luke– Just a thought, but did you include on your note something saying who you were (and how they could respond)? Frankly, a return address probably wasn’t enough on the outer packaging; chances are good they opened it, stuck it in a pile, and threw the envelope away before realizing they needed information from it.

    Also, it might be safe to assume that the school may have failed to pass along contact information to the student who lost it– the one who really should be doing the thanking. It seems like, in this case, there are a handful of places where there may have been inadvertent thwarting of proper appreciation.

    Sure, maybe it’s a case of entitlement. But maybe “love hopes all things” includes giving the benefit of the doubt here…

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