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My brother and I were born to a teenage mother.  Wanting to be responsible, she had to eventually drop out of high school to care and provide for us.  To say that my maternal and paternal grandmothers played a huge role in my life would be a quarter of the story.  On Thursday, February 28 we said goodbye to Willa Mae Bobo, my paternal grandmother.  She was 83 years old.  She was a hoot!  She was beautiful, smart, witty, stylish and extremely funny.  She played so many practical jokes on my brother and I.  For example, she told us that little people lived in the TV set; these same little people appeared on the TV screen.  Her home was a warm home.  No place was off limits in her home.  Her home was home to so many people.  For a messed up kid, her home provided me with a refuge.  She served us balanced meals: a meat, vegetable, dessert, and a glass of milk.  She is the reason why I love to eat beets.  Grandmother was a good, proud and content housewife.  She got up early in the morning to make my grandpa breakfast and to pack his lunch.  Grandmother was no taller than 5 feet but she made a 10 feet impact on me.  (It’s hardly worth mentioning but grandmother was no saint; she had her share of brokenness like all of us.)  If grandmother were still alive in April of this year, she and my grandpa (who is still alive but extremely weak) would have been married 67 years!  How?  They eloped when she was 15 and he was 17 years old.  Their love for each other is legendary.  It was no surprise to us to hear that when grandpa was sick and in the hospital, grandmother was not by his side but in the bed with him.  The reverse is true – when grandmother was sick and in the hospital, grandpa was by her side.  She was quite a lady!  And they were quite the couple!

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  1. Luke,
    What a beutiful tribute to your grandmother. My grandmother’s name was Willie Tom Longshore and I so miss her. I pray taht we can have the same influence upon our grandchildren as Willa Mae and Willie Tom had on us. Blessings brother, you are a gift.

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