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My Uncle Rocky (not sure why we don’t call him Uncle Robert as Robert is his birth name) likes to stir the pot or rather instigate.  The day following my grandmother’s funeral, Rocky (son of my grandmother) and the rest of us – siblings, spouses, etc. somehow got on the topic of the state of Black Americans.  We all agreed that it is quite sad and has reached a crises level.  My uncle asked us all directly – what were we doing personally to help remedy the crises?  My sister who lives in Chicago lives in the inner city; her husband coaches a girl’s basketball team.  I think this is commendable.  This is where I experience guilt because when I think about how I have been so blessed I often ask myself, what can do?  When I was working at Covenant Theological Seminary, I often thought, here’s a place of plenty or “a land flowing with milk and honey”; shouldn’t I take my gifts and help African Americans in famished areas?  Yet I am convinced God called me to serve at Covenant for 9 years.  I did said this to my uncle: I have tutored kids at my son’s school (kids of many racial backgrounds) and I am an active father to my kids.  He was not satisfied with my answer but I explained.  One of the huge problems facing the black community is the severe breakdown of the black family (that’s obvious).   So, if I can be a father to my kids, hopefully in some small way I can begin to reverse this plight.  My kids can model what I have tried to model for them in other words.  At times I am unsatisfied with my own answer, because I experience guilt.  However, my guilt is often assuaged because I am confident of God’s ‘geographical’ call on my life.  Do I appear confused?


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