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  1. I mailed two boxes yesterday.  One large; the other small.  I asked for a confirmation signature for each box.  This means that someone at the other end will sign for the package.  The confirmation signature fee for each box was $2 and some change.  I asked the clerk, “it’s the same price regardless of the box size?”  She said yes with a smile.  Then she said, “the bigger box will require a bigger signature.”  I was not amused.  Maybe I am strange or something but shouldn’t the cost be proportional to the size of the box? (On a related issue, I remember sending a letter to my daughter’s high school because I was surprised that to park in the high school parking lot for the year was $100.  I park at the University of Missouri St. Louis for $55 or so per semester; I park at Lindenwood University for a mere $2 per year! I called and spoke with the principal and he told me this, “In general people in West County don’t complain about such things.  In fact, he went on to tell me that I was the only parent to complain.  So, maybe I am odd for questioning the Post Office clerk?  I don’t think so.)
  2. Can we put in place a moratorium on the free gift of ink pens?  Nearly, every place you go, you get a free pen.  Sometimes these little conveniences come in the mail.  Personally, I have enough pens and can’t we be a more creative than this?
  3. If you are in hurry in St. Charles, you might get frustrated.  I am always in a hurry (and sometimes I don’t need to be; but it’s my normal speed).  Nevertheless, St. Charles moves at a slower pace.  On highway 94 example, the posted speed limit is 55 mph in some places, but many drive 45  mph.  Maybe I should learn something from this?

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