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Betty BoopBetty BoopBetty BoopBetty BoopBetty BoopSpending time with family can be a very enlightening experience.   I learned something about my grandpa (Henry S. Bobo) while visiting him in the hospital.  First, let me set this up.  This is the man who:

  • was a star athlete in high school – in fact, he was the starting quarterback for his football team;
  • served in WWII in the Navy;
  • was a self employed and self taught skilled brick mason;
  • built an addition to his home single-handedly;

I learned…that his nickname was “Betty Boop.”  His friends (I guess we can call them that) dubbed him “Betty Boop” because his head was proportionally larger than his body.  Ironically, I called my daughter “Betty Boop” when she was a little girl because of her high pitched squeaky voice.  I did this not knowing my surrogate dad – my dear grandpa, Henry Bobo – was nicknamed “Betty Boop” too.  Isn’t that something?


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