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I understand the purpose for war.  War is an extension of the state law enforcement except on a regional or global scale.  However, the Iraq war began under a cloud of suspicion.  But that’s not my issue.  I guess my problem or concern with this war is that it seems to me that the United States and her allies will never win this war.  Why?  Because our enemy is not a person but rather an ideology.  How do you kill an ideology – especially when this idea drives people to think it is honorable to kill themselves.  If I have learned nothing else from this nearly 5 year old conflict, it has taught me the power and sway of ideals; yes, ideals truly do have consequences.  In a weird way, this war reminds me of the movie, V for Vendetta, eugenics, the African (Rwandan massacre in 1994) and Jewish Holocausts.


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