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Some more random thoughts. 

  1. Bad marketing analysis.  I went to lunch at a St. Louis Bread Company in St. Charles, MO last week.  Some background information will help.  St. Charles is a ‘older town’ (city).  Many of its residents are elderly; people drive slow here.  And the residents are mostly white.  Now, imagine seeing some young African American males with backwards wearing baseball caps and sagging pants.  With clip boards in hand, these same young men presumably wishing to sale something or take a survey approach these elderly white residents and guess what the reaction is?   Automatic, no thank you.  Just imagine if these same young men wore their baseball caps as designed and pulled their pants up; the reaction would have been quite different.
  2. Truancy Officer.  I visited with my grand dad on Saturday, April 5 in Kansas City, KS.  His pastor came by before I left to return to St. Louis.  The pastor spoke of ‘truancy officers’.  What’s that I asked?  Get this: truancy officers worked for the school district in Kansas City, KS; when a student did not show up for school, that student received a house call from a truancy officer.  Attendance improved!  What if we applied the truancy officer concept to St. Louis’ school district or some version of it?



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