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TV Personalities.  Now I know why TV personalities have slender facial features.  I was videoed recently for a short clip and the results were scary to me.  My already big cheeks were bigger; my nose profile was exaggerated.   I looked like I had teeth pulled.  Good thing I have not be called to the media profession.

Cell phones.  I have a love-hate relationship with these little gadgets.  I love that I can take care of business while driving and they make great homing devices.  What I mean is if my son is lost, I can call him and ask for his location.  But I also dislike the things.  This is why.  It never fails, I get behind a slow driver and while passing them, I notice the person is talking on his or her cell phone.  It almost appears like the person is unaware of his or her speed and surroundings because the phone call has taken priority.  It’s like taking a call at home and then sitting down to actually engage in the conversation.   Maybe I am asking folks to multi-task while driving but that is a scary proposition too. 



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