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I’ve been thinking about two issues.  One, I am elated that so many are behind Obama – a black man, a African American man.  This is truly a historical time to be living.  Dr. King would be so proud; I imagine he, if interviewed, would say, “This is what I fought and died for; that a man be judged by the content of his character, not the color of his skin.”  But that brings me to what I have been thinking about.  What if Obama were of a darker hue or skin color – would this make a difference?  I don’t think it would make a difference to the postmodern generation (those born 1984 and beyond) because this generation values and appreciate racial and cultural diversity (however, let me add that some blindly and naively value diversity).  So, if Obama had a darker skin color would the many baby boomers who support him now still support him?

The other thing I have been thinking about is the structure of most protestant churches.  Let me explain.  In most or many churches, a sole senior pastor is the head.  Specifically, as senior pastor, he preaches most of the time.  I often get into ‘spirited discussions’ with my wife about this situation.  Her comment is, “the people want to hear the senior pastor.”  My comeback is, “Is this what the people really need?”  Furthermore, is this what the senior pastor needs?  To the first question, I say, to give people what they want seems to be catering to our consumeristic culture which says, “buy what you prefer or want.”  So, I ask again, “is hearing the senior pastor most Sundays, what the people really need?”  Doesn’t this feed our consumeristic tendencies? To the second question (“is this what the senior pastor needs?”), I respond this way: it appears to me that pride is a real danger of a senior pastor who preaches nearly every Sunday.  As a broken man who is prone to pride or arrogance, if I heard the “news on the street”: “We like hearing pastor Luke preach”, or “I am not going to church if pastor Luke is not preaching” – this will certainly inflate my head.   And positively, a pastor needs rest at times.  It seems to me that rest is a good thing.  So, again, I ask is this what the senior pastor needs?

Caveat: this second “I’ve been thinking” issue could just be my misguided judgment on the matter?  Or maybe I am disgruntled and can not be very objective?



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