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I have been a bit too cynical and critical of late.  So, let me give two illustrations that ‘humanity is not as bad as it can be.’

  1. My wife is not a sports fan; in fact, she takes a book, magazine, or newspaper to our son’s baseball games.  We have a teenager in our neighborhood who plays baseball for a local high school.  High school teams often try to raise money to offset costs, etc.  So, this teenager approaches my wife to ask if she would pledge a certain amount for every foot he hits the baseball.  Initially, my wife pledges 50 cents.  This teenager said to  my wife, “Mrs. Bobo, that will be a bit much, perhaps you should pledge 5 cents instead.”  This young man, who is a fairly good ball player, could have taken advantage of my wife’s lack of knowledge but he took the high road.  I credit his parents who live quite simply.
  2. I often go to FedEx Kinko’s to fax documents or make copies.  And I frequently use my green Visa debit card.  On several occasions I have left the store with my copies or a confirmation that my fax had been transmitted but without my green debit card.  And each time I have called the store to ask if someone turned in my card, each time someone had.   I am relieved each time.

Thank goodness that people are not as bad as they can be!


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