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Obama is earning my respect more and more for a number of reasons.  One, in the black community it is taboo (downright dangerous) to question or disagree with the black pastor.   Obama is proving to be a critical thinker; who does not tow the party line.  I have question the black pastor before and suffered some harsh criticisms; yet right is right, and wrong and wrong.  So, I commend Obama for standing up for truth.  Second, Obama has done his homework; Wright has not.  It is unimaginable to say as Wright does that the 911attacks on the US was because “…it engaged in terrorism on other people…” (see New York Times, April 30, 2008).  This simply not true; many in the more radical sects of Islam hate America because of its secularism among other reasons.  And when visible blacks like Wright and others speak it is an embarrassment to me as an African American.  However, I can think for myself (thank you very much)!  Please, Pastor Wright, do your homework or please stop talking!


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