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There is another post on my blog entitled “cell phone etiquette.”  I just couldn’t resist posting this comment about cell phones.  I teach adults (emphasis on ‘adults’).  On Monday, while I was covering some material, two students were pre-occupied with their cell phones.  Both appeared to be checking their messages.  I commented later after a break, if you need to do something with your cell phone, be polite and leave the room; otherwise, you are being rude.  (What’s ironic about all this?  One of the students can ill afford to be distracted because she is failing the course at the moment!)

One colleague at my school often gives make up tests to his students.  These students sit at a table outside my office.  This morning, one of his students was reviewing some quizzes in preparation for an upcoming test.  I heard her cell phone ring.  She answered her cell phone (apparently it was her boyfriend because she used that ‘kind of voice’ which suggests a boyfriend caller).  I immediately went to my colleague and mentioned that his student was talking on her cell phone.  I alerted him of this because I thought she was taking a test and it may appear she was cheating.  However, my colleague told me that she was simply reviewing; so no harm, no foul.

Yet, this still brings up a bigger issue/question.  Why do we as a society seem to regard answering our cell phones at all times and in all places an inalienable right?

Call me curious George!

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