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I love my kids; I really do.  Both are out of school.  A daughter is home from college; a son finished his 7th grade year.  I must admit something: I think the best age for kids is when they can not talk or walk or use appliances.  This reminds of some dear friends.  One day the wife/mother was driving home.  In fact, a mile or so from home she saw a bright candy red firetruck.  The firetruck turned left; my friend turned left.  The firetruck turned right; my friend turned right.  She then thought to herself: that firetruck is traveling on my street.  Both my friend and the firetruck stoppped at the same place.  Yes, her house was on fire.  The oldest daughter had forgotten to turn a burner off on the stove and the rest is history.  Needless to say, when I am on my way home and I see an emergency vehicle traveling ahead of me, I get nervous and I remember this friend’s house burning.  Well, since my kids can not resume the age when they could not talk or walk or use appliances, I will be glad when school is back in session.  This reminds me of a commercial where the dad is buying school supplies for his kids.  The kids are sad and somber; the dad is jumping with joy.  Most couples are like this dad (I certainly am); I am elated when my kids go back to school: less worries about fires, food is preserved, and electricity bill is less.

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