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I am an insider and an outsider.  Let me explain because often people say they are one or the other.  In several circles, I belong (an insider) but I don’t belong (an outsider).  It is important to say that ‘belonging’ is not always about race or socio-economic status.  Let me give a generic illustration to protect the circles’ identity.  I may know the ‘sacred’ tradition of this circle, but not believe that that tradition is still valid today.  In other words, I don’t believe that some traditions should be practiced.   Or I may have all the credentials of some members of a particular circle but not really be considered credentialed enough for full membership/acceptance.  Or I may belong to a circle but I may disagree with the thinking/reasoning of some of the key members who belong to his circle.  My options? Bite my tongue (=stay quiet) or quietly leave.  Being an insider and an outsider is tricky business; one must be on his guard at all times.   As a self-confessed insider and outsider, I look for others in the same camp and thank goodness I have found some for mutual support.


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