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On the way to work today, I saw not one but two stranded vehicles.  Both had flat tires.  The driver was still in one of the vehicles.  Now, there are at least three reasons why the flats were not repaired: 1) the driver was unable to remove the tire; 2) the driver did not know how to remove the tire; and 3) the driver did not have all the proper tools to remove the flat and replace it with the spare tire.  I would venture to say, it was probably the third reason.  Not having all the proper tools (jack, a good spare tire, etc.) is a metaphor for life in this way: we often do not make time for what is important but rather we procrastinate.  And procrastination will bite you/us in the rear.  Some busy people put off going to the doctor for illnesses that sometimes worsen.  Some busy people work later and later and miss out on those spontaneous and unannounced special moments at home.  Some busy people put off getting the proper tools to change a flat tire.  As I witnessed this morning, procrastination is costly.


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