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I heard this on NPR (National Public Radio) this morning, “It’s not unusual to find women in leading roles in Karachi’s development. At the city’s public universities, female students vastly outnumber the men in key fields like architecture.”  (see full length article, “Female Workers Break Stereotypes in Karachi” at  Before continuing, I am not a male chauvinist and I have a great appreciation for the accomplishments of women.  In fact, I get angry when I hear that women with the same credentials get paid less than men who may have the same credentials but less experience.  However, I use the opening statement to ask, “where are the men?” in the United States?  At nearly every turn, I see women in leadership positions.  Here’s a sampling:

  1. In many marriages ruined by divorce, men have not only abdicated their parental role but have also abandoned their former wife.
  2. In many black families started by an out-of-wedlock pregnancy, fathers who did the impregnation are no where to be found.
  3. In many colleges, women are in key leadership roles like dean positions.  And many colleges and/or universities are headed by women.
  4. In several of my adult ed classrooms, women outnumber the men students.
  5. In many churches of all denominations, women are stepping up and men are stepping back.
  6. In many corporations, women are in key leadership positions.
  7. And Hillary Clinton, an articulate and intelligent woman, made a serious bid for the White House.

Where are the men?


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