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Like most or many Americans, I am a little skeptical of the war in Iraq.  Did we go to war because of 911 and/or the threat of weapons of mass destruction (WMD)?  I suppose the answer to this question resides with President Bush and his inner circle.  However, I am a little baffled by bumper stickers that say things like, “War is unnecessary” or “Peace not war.”  Those who proudly and prominently display such stickers are apparently not married.  Before I continue, I am not making light of war; on the contrary, one simply has to look at the first few minutes of the movie, Saving Private Ryan, to see that war is no joke.  And I hate it when people say there is a lot of “collateral damage.”  Those who use such language mean that human lives have been lost; but in their effort to lessen the ugliness and tragedies of war, they instead appear to be dehumanizing people who are crowned with dignity and worth.

Now back to the statement, “Those who proudly and prominently display such stickers are apparently not married.”  For most married couples, “engaging in war” with each other is a precursor before peace or calm.   Failure to clear the air is a landmine waiting to explode.  I do know one lady who said she now regrets not fighting with her husband; she gave no resistance.  She believed if she had fought with our husband it might have saved her marriage.  I do know couples who say they never ‘fight or duke it out.’  (I say “wow”; and my cynical side says, “that is hard to believe.”)  For most fallen and broken husbands and wives, we must ‘go to blows’ to resolve conflicts.  After the gloves have been rested, peace ensues.


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