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I am in Texas visting my grandfather; a man I love dearly.  He is leaving with my aunt, his daughter.  Yesterday, I commended my aunt for being ‘different.’  (Something I have told my sister too.)  My aunt told me that her mother (my grandmother) insisted that my aunt dress different than the other girls and don’t try to fit in or conform to the fashion of the day but rather to be fashion trend setter.  In other words, my aunt was encouraged to be a leader and not a tag along.  In fact, my aunt was disciplined by my grandmother for wanting to dress like the other girls.  Imagine that – being disciplined for wanting to be a conformist.  That discipline must have worked because my aunt is indeed a trend setter and is not satisfied trying to fit in.  Imagine if more mothers insisted on their daughters to be different (fashion wise).  Two things are certain we would not have so many copy cats or conformists and two, the clothing industry would be brought to its knees.  [By the way, this is what I love about my sister; she is so ‘different’ than other young ladies.  She is not a follower but a trend setter (=leader)].


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