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I am growing a beard!  I have been clean shaved for years.  I am finally in a “context” where I can grow one.  And when I was an undergrad, I could not grow hair on my face; now I get my chance.  Younger friends (non baby boomers) don’t seem to mind; one couple said to me, “I like it.”  (The husband also has facial hair.)  I like the younger generation because they in general challenge the status quo.  With the older generation, I seem to have broken a rule or upset the status quo because “everyone” is giving me feedback.  Consider these comments:

  1. “I have to get used to you with a beard.”  I am thinking to myself, “Why, you’re not my wife?” 
  2. “I have a razor in the car.”  This comment from a clean shaved deacon.  I am thinking, “Have you said something to your pastor who has worn a beard since 2002?”
  3. “Forget to shave this morning?”  I am thinking to myself, “No.”

As I said before, a beard, seems to be a social faux pas in some “circles”; I believe for these reasons:  one, most companies have an unwritten law of no excess hair on one’s face.  In fact, a gentleman told me recently that his company at one time did not allow any facial hair at all.  He works for the same company and now wears a gold-tee.  Second, look at folks on TV.  Take news reporters for example.  Enough said.  But there was Ed Bradley of 60 Minutes who not only wore a beard but later an earring.  Yeah, Ed!  Third, I have heard that a person wearing a beard was suspect.  I don’t know why.  Why do we judge people by their skin color, what they wear, by their tattoos, where they live, their hair length, and now what they have on their face?


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  1. For years the seminary I went to wouldn’t allow the professors to have a beard. I always thought that odd, particularly as a bearded chap myself.

    What if Jesus wanted to teach there? Would they make an exception?


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