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I live in a cul-de-sac and a neighbor who just sold their home put a clothes dryer on the curb.  Curious, I asked my neighbor, “How old is it?”  She said, “Only 4 years old; the heating element went out and why bother, we’ll just get another.”  I thought to myself, “Why not try to fit it to save money?”  (I tried to fix our washer machine that was only 6 years old.  That’s another story.)  But herein lies the problem with the area in which we live.  I have seen several extremes: homeowners will buy or lease a fancy/expensive car but have no furniture or curtains or food in the refrigerator.  These folks feed capitalism.  I have seen businesses jack the prices up because the assumption is that people in this area can afford it.  For example, a dad whose son plays football with my son, tells me that his auto repair shop has increased the price of parts over 70%.  Then there are folks like my neighbors who not only feed capitalism but the assumption of establishments like this auto repair shop.  Finally, there are people like us who don’t have a lot of money; we simply moved to this area 19 years ago because the school district is top notch and houses sale quickly.  We are victims of capitalism.

What recourse do I have:

  1. Do I scream?
  2. Do I tell my neighbors that they are not helping my cause? 
  3. Do I write or boycott establishments like this auto repair shop?

I think the middle class is being so squeezed it may progress to oblivion.


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