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Monthly Archives: October 2008

Ever followed an undecided driver?  I left a mall only to get behind a driver who could not make up his mind.  The driver swerved in and out of lanes.  When I got around him, I noticed a little old man with a cap pulled down nearly over his eyes and both hands firmly on the steering wheel.  He was probably intimidated by the rush and aggressiveness of motorists.  He had two passengers who probably did not provide any help.  They were clearly along for the ride.  As I passed this car, I smiled as this was my grandparents before they were banned from driving and because one day that will be me.  I will be unsure, slow and intimidated.  These are great opportunities to grow in patience.

  1. Before presenting a topic to an audience, make sure you have done sufficient homework.  Particularly, examine both sides of the issue.  Failure to do homework and to look at both sides can lead to an humbling experience.
  2. Credentials give you a voice but oftentimes your voice is modulated, desired and not desired.  Know the written and most importantly, the unwritten “rules” of the host context.
  3. Our country’s economic woes is forcing me to latch on to the virtues of simplicity and frugality.  Not bad virtues to practice I say.
  4. The creation we share with other animate beings (cows, bugs, rats, etc.) is simply breathtaking!  Busyness is frequently the obstacle or enemy of “beholding” the beauty and wonder of our created habitat.
  5. While in Cape Town, South Africa in 2005, some black South Africans asked me for advice on bettering their race relations.  I laughed out loud I think as they thought the United States was the exemplar here.  It’s true, we have made some strides; yet, all Americans have a ways to go. 
  6. McCain revealed quite a bit about his decision making when he selected Palin.  Obama revealed quite a bit about his decision making when he selected Biden.  Same statements but there is a message between the lines. 
  7. I took for granted the reports that American kids are pulling up the rear on math and science performance relative to other countries.  However, my son’s 8th grade science teacher tells me that those who do this comparison are not comparing ‘apples to apples.’  I asked her to gather the evidence and I will write a letter to those who broadcast such fallacious news.
  8. My aunt asked me what life lesson my grandmother (her mother) taught me.  I responded this way, “She taught me to be content and comfortable in my own skin.”  My grandmother dressed like a model.  And she was not afraid to don a bathing suit with “stuff” showing.  At 48 years of age, I am still learning this lesson!
  9. Vintage SNL.  If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then Palin should be quite flattered over Tina Fey’s imitation of her.  See  Well done!