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Ever followed an undecided driver?  I left a mall only to get behind a driver who could not make up his mind.  The driver swerved in and out of lanes.  When I got around him, I noticed a little old man with a cap pulled down nearly over his eyes and both hands firmly on the steering wheel.  He was probably intimidated by the rush and aggressiveness of motorists.  He had two passengers who probably did not provide any help.  They were clearly along for the ride.  As I passed this car, I smiled as this was my grandparents before they were banned from driving and because one day that will be me.  I will be unsure, slow and intimidated.  These are great opportunities to grow in patience.

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  1. I love your outlook. I often find myself growling at another driver only to find out it is an elderly person and I cannot find it in my heart to continue being angry.

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