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I had lunch with a good friend today.  He mentioned that he had read my blog entitled, “obama elected president: unbelievable.”  He found it fascinating that many whites, that he had unofficially polled thought that Obama would win and many blacks thought the contrary (namely, Obama would loose).  Strange to say the least…?  Not really.  I suppose I can speak for many African-Americans.  I would say these words or phrases come to mind when I think about the African-American experience in America: ‘jaded’, ‘cynical’, ‘realistic’, ‘many times disappointed” and “suspicious’.  Most Blacks I would imagine thought something might be done to sabotage the election and tip the scales in favor of McCain/Palin.  Gladly, I and many more blacks were proved wrong.  But no black person is naive; we, as a country, have a ways to go in the area of race relations. 

I too like my friend offer some cautions and comments:

1) Obama is not the “secular savior” as one writer put it.  He is finite and fragile.   So, he will make mistakes.  Being caught up in obama-mania might blind you to this reality.

2) It is a dangerous mistake to align oneself to a particular party because one can loose objectivity. 

3) I have said this before, picking Palin as a running mate spoke volumes about McCain’s decision making ability.  What was he thinking?

4) I think it is quite sad that people are calling Obama the devil or antichrist or comparing him to Hitler.  Are you kidding me?


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