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I visited the St. Louis Bread Company (or Panera’s) on Delmar in St. Louis, MO.  This particular St. Louis Bread Co is in the famed University City, MO (this particular strip is known as the “U-City Loop”).  Actually, “university” is apropos because when I think of “university”, I think of cosmopolitan or a plurality of ethnicities, lifestyles, worldviews, cultures, etc.  In less than one hour, I saw people of Asian descent.  I saw people of what appeared to be Iranian or Middle East descent.  I saw men who seemed to be from the Caribbean.  I saw two African-American men walking and frolicking with what appeared to be their white girlfriends.  I saw dreadlocks and braids.  I saw a brother wearing an Afro; I saw a Bread Co worker wearing a ponytail.  I saw women of all shades with long hair and short hair.  I saw a young white couple making goo-goo eyes and acting goofy.  I saw what appeared to be college students.  I saw black and white men meeting together; I saw black and white having lunch and embracing; I saw proudly displayed tattoos.  I saw white men and black men wearing sagging pants.  I saw people who appeared to be interracial.  I saw mommies with kids; I saw what appeared to be table full of women of Greek or Italian descent.  I saw daddies with their kids.  I saw rich, vivid and bright colors.  There was a real vibrancy and rhythm to this place; and boy, it felt right and natural!


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