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Monthly Archives: December 2008

I frequent a United States post office near my office; its proximity is convenient.  As motorists pull into some parking spaces facing the post office building, they are greeted to a sign that says, “Postal Customer Parking Limit 15 min limit Violaters will be cited in accordance with 39 CFR 232.6 K/3.”  Apparently this is an old sign and hopefully a rarely enforced rule.  Otherwise, it will be absurd.  Why? It oftentimes takes longer than 15 minutes to make it to a clerk especially around the holidays and even during non-holiday seasons.  Why? Because many times there are not enough clerks for the volume of people.  You would think that the USPS would get a clue!

We are a country that relies on batteries.  Consider the number of devices or gadgets one has that is operated by a battery: flashlights, wrist watches, wall clocks, blackberries, cell phones, iphones, hearing aids, mp3 players, ipods, computers, house telephones, and cars – both the traditional kind and the hybrid variety (electric and gas).   On one hand, I am thankful for this technology; on the other hand, aren’t we quite vulnerable?  What if battery retailers jacked the price up?


I think I know the difference between arrogance and humility.  But what is the difference between ‘having confidence’ and ‘arrogance’?  Is having confidence a kinder, gentler form of arrogance?  What is the relationship between humility and confidence?  Why is that some ladies fall for athletes and non-athletes who indeed have or exude confidence?  Or are these ladies falling for someone who is  arrogance?  Humility is certainly more palatable and attractive than arrogance; arrogance is quite ugly.  I can often detect someone who is humble and someone who is arrogance.   What is hard is distinguishing between someone who has confidence from someone who is prideful.