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  1. Why do people try to maneuver a car – a complex, attention demanding and heavy piece of machinery – and manuever  a cell phone (or its equivalent) at the same time?  Doesn’t this seem like a dangerous practice?  Is reading a message or sending a message be more important than putting one’s life and the life of other motorists at risk?  Haven’t you noticed motorists trying to drive and text or read a text at the same time? (Confession time: I am guilty of this dangerous practice!)
  2. Why do some people in those motorized chairs take them in areas that are close to moving vehicles (like cars)?  These people have no ‘bumpers’ and yet they are inches away sometimes from cars, SUVs, etc. 
  3. Why do we Americans watch those reality TV shows; especially, those shows that border on the absurd and outrageous?
  4. Why do we Americans slow down to see the aftermath of an motor vehicle accident?  If you have seen one, you have seen them all haven’t you?  [Could a possible answer to random thoughts #3 and #4 be our need to participate in voyeurism?]

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  1. One random thought:

    Why are random thoughts so negative? Could we have four over-the-top-positive ones?

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