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Monthly Archives: May 2009

My family and I have been living in our small 26 home subdivision for over 20 years now.  We were one of the first to move into this subdivision; we like many had our house built.  So, we have seen a lot of families come and go.  However, one family has stayed awhile; long enough for me to see their two sons grow up.  The oldest one is in high school and is a good looking guy, smart and athletic.  (My son has been invited for sleepovers at their home; and they have been guests at our home.  Their dad and I have competed against all the boys in football, etc. – when the knees were stronger.) He and his brother call me “Mobo”.  I have been given no explanation but their mother tells me that they think highly of me.  I believe it now because as I was leaving the subdivision to meet a couple for our pre-marital counseling session, the oldest boy stopped me, “hey stop!”  So, I stopped in the middle of the street.  He wanted me to meet his girlfriend.  After exchanging our names and few remarks (e.g., “I remember ‘Mike’ when he was this small.”), I got back into my car and went on my way.  I later called the mother to tell her how honored I was that he would stop me to meet his girlfriend.  This apparently was important for him.  And it was important to me too (otherwise, why would I be blogging about it).