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In case you missed the last post, some neighborhood kids call me “Mobo.”  I still don’t know the reason.   So, here are more of mobo’s random thoughts:

  1. Gray Hair.  My gray hair seems to grow much faster and is more unruly than my ‘normal’ hair.  What’s going on with that?
  2. Pedestrians running.  I have noticed something – when a car is moving in a parking lot and notices a pedestrian, the car often stops to let the pedestrian walk safely to the other side, etc.  So, why does the pedestrian run instead of walk?
  3. Folding underwear.  My mom taught me at an early age to fold my clothes after coming out of the dryer.  This includes underwear.  I have been questioning the logic or need to fold underwear since it is underwear; that is, it is concealed from public viewing – so why fold it?

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