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My family and I flew from Los Angeles to St. Louis yesterday (July 10); the last leg of our return flight from vacation.  My kids and I sat in 23D, 23E, 23F.  (My wife because of her frequent flier miles got a better seat and was unable to sit with us; she sat in row 12).  However, immediately behind us was a family – mother, father and two kids.  One of the kids was adorable – she sang nursery rhymes, played with a toy that was apparently interactive and excitedly pointed out ‘stars’ (they were really the city lights below; it was nearly 10 pm when we arrived in St. Louis).  The other kid was a baby and was apparently quite miserable and colicky because she (or he?) cried…in irregular increments.  This mother demonstrated amazing patience because when the baby cried, the baby cried loudly.  This mother would eventually do something (nursed, fed, coddled, rocked, etc.) to settle the baby down.  After moments of peaceful silence, the crying would commence again.  And the tight quarters made the baby crying all the more piercing.   While the mother (and father) demonstrated fantastic patience, other passengers glanced over or back to this row (including my kids).  You might say that they demonstrated impatience.  Parents who fly with little kids get a bum rap.  I guess I can show a little more patience with this family because I have been there and done that!


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