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I was on my way to lunch today and met a person off the interstate.  You all have seen persons like this before.  She was a homeless person (I presume) and holding a sign that read “I am broke…”  I typically drive by people like this while trying not to make eye contact.  However, this day was different.  While stopped at the red light, I inconspicuously pulled out my wallet and pulled out some money (the amount is immaterial to the story).  When the light turned green I slowly drove the car near her to give her time to get the bill from my hand.  I asked myself, “what was different this time?”  Why did you give this stranger some money?  First, I answered – I got this unction to give her some money; I simply felt ‘moved’ to give her something.  Second, I answered – if she is brave enough to expose and humiliate herself like this, then she must be genuine.  However, I said to myself, “she is simply taking you for a ride, you are so gullible.”  Well, I thought, I get taken everyday.  I often buy a cup of coffee that is overpriced.  I know I get taken when I buy a new car.  And we just returned from a family vacation where I know I was taken.  I thought I would rather err on the side of helping a real human being that I can actually see with my own eyes.  If I was naive and taken, so what!  (This story was not told to earn me any bragging points.)


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  1. You demonstrate a very deep wisdom in this post, my friend. Certainly we should be wise (as serpents! Jesus said) but the consumerist take on that goes too far. Do people imagine that gleaners (in Old Testament times) were never the equivalent of today’s homeless, with similar problems or reasons for homelessness?

    Your post also intrigues me for the reference to being “moved,” having a sense of “unction” about it. I am becoming convinced I think too much. Not that I should think less, but that thinking must not be the only, primary way to make decisions. I tried to think of ways the Holy Spirit led me in the past month and could only conclude he led me to think… Not entirely sufficient, I think. Especially when thinking would have made me conclude I should leave my wallet in my pocket.

    Thanks for a good reminder.

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