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I like going to Great Clips because I engage with my “stylist” in thoughtful conversation among other things.  Yesterday, I asked  how her Gender Class was going?  She said, “It’s going very well.”  She went on to say, “It is interesting how men have been conditioned by our society.”  I added, “Yes, our families of origin have also contributed to our conditioning.”  Then she said, “Men have been conditioned not to cry because they are accused of being feminine.  Or men are encouraged not to get in touch with their feminine side.”   I then said, “We need to change this idea that men who cry are getting in touch with their feminine side.  Rather, it is human to cry.  Just like it is human to experience joy or any other emotion.  All humans were born with tear ducts to shed you guessed it,  tears.”  So, it’s not being feminine when men cry; rather, it is human to cry regardless on one’s gender.

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