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Monthly Archives: November 2009

zitsI often read the Zits cartoon strip by cartoonists, Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman, for a laugh and for understanding our teenagers.  This cartoon strip chronicles the ups and downs of Jeremy, a typical teenager, and his exasperated and sometimes pleasantly surprised parents.  The cartoonists apparently are parents of teenagers because they often nail it (two samples are included – parents of teenagers, you judge for yourself).  I remember one comic strip in particular in which they illustrated the anxiety of Jeremy’s parents when they began the ‘exciting and exhilarating’ task of teaching him how to zits2drive.  I was quite anxious myself yesterday.  My 15-year-old son in the driver’s seat; and yours truly in the passenger seat.  We drove less than a mile and I realized that the boy has a heavy foot.  How do I know that?  Because I was desperately and frantically pressing my imaginary brake pedal on the passenger side to no avail.  Yet, this is a good reminder of how I probably caused great angst for my grandparents when they taught me how to drive.  What goes around comes around.


Several years ago, GEDC0635I remember hearing Dr. Cal DeWitt, professor of environmental studies with the Nelson Institute at the University of Wisconsin, say once that he had his students lay down in a forest and behold God’s creation: leaves descending to the ground.  I often think of this statement during Fall seasons in St. Louis.   Fall season in St. Louis is indeed a treat to the eyes.  We are treated to a rich and colorful array of vivid yellow, green, golden yellow, brown, red orange, burnt orange, candy apple and dark red leaves that glisten like a new Christmas toy against a bright sun lit baby blue sky.  The pictures included in this post help tell the story but these pictures are only images of the real thing.  Nevertheless, what a display of beauty! Each day is a new treat to God’s artistry!  GEDC0636