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zitsI often read the Zits cartoon strip by cartoonists, Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman, for a laugh and for understanding our teenagers.  This cartoon strip chronicles the ups and downs of Jeremy, a typical teenager, and his exasperated and sometimes pleasantly surprised parents.  The cartoonists apparently are parents of teenagers because they often nail it (two samples are included – parents of teenagers, you judge for yourself).  I remember one comic strip in particular in which they illustrated the anxiety of Jeremy’s parents when they began the ‘exciting and exhilarating’ task of teaching him how to zits2drive.  I was quite anxious myself yesterday.  My 15-year-old son in the driver’s seat; and yours truly in the passenger seat.  We drove less than a mile and I realized that the boy has a heavy foot.  How do I know that?  Because I was desperately and frantically pressing my imaginary brake pedal on the passenger side to no avail.  Yet, this is a good reminder of how I probably caused great angst for my grandparents when they taught me how to drive.  What goes around comes around.

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