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I learn from many people.  My wife teaches me.  My colleagues and professors teach me.  My students teach me.  My daughter teaches me – she offers me tips on teaching and motivating my college students.  My 15-year old son taught me a lesson recently.   He is a freshman in high school.  The good news is that he made the cut – he’s on the freshmen basketball team.  The bad news is that he is a third stringer.  As a father who has watched his son excel in basketball, football and baseball, it is difficult to see him ‘riding the bench.’  (I rode the bench as a third string freshman high school football player but I deserved it.  I was no athlete.  My heart and head were not in the game.)  The talent on my son’s basketball team is very good at this level.  At his position (guard), the team is very deep.  I believe there are 3 guys ahead of him.  My son will get to start in four “B games” but in the mean time he is keeping player stats, etc.  For me, this would be humiliating and I would probably quit the team.  However, my son said to me, “Dad, it’s okay.  The other guys are better than me.”  Wow.  Now, that is commendable.  While my pride or ego would be wounded, my son’s pride is apparently not wounded because he is okay with his ‘position’ on the team.  What a lesson!  Perhaps, the lesson here is that we need to accept who we are and be okay with that.


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