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In the Time, December 7, 2009 issue, Joe Klein writes, “the media are giving Obama grief for just about everything.”  Bingo!  In black and white, Klein communicates what I have been thinking for a while now.  Yet, I refrained to write this post because I did not want some to say, “He is just saying that because he is an African-American and Obama is an African-American.”  Well, those who know me well would hopefully quip, “he is not that shallow.”  In fact, before the election, I told all African-American audience to make sure to be an informed voter; don’t be a sentimental voter.  In other words, I told this group, “it would be irresponsible to vote for Obama just because he is black.”  (Someone later asked, “Is Luke a republican?”  Isn’t that interesting? Just because I encouraged a group of African-Americans to be informed and discerning voters, I was thought to be a republican.  Wow!)   Obama has not been in office a year and he has been criticized relentlessly.  I can’t remember – were former presidents lambasted like this early in their presidency?  Perhaps the media and others should adopt  Klein’s “long term” stance.  Klein writes “…it is way too early to make pronouncement on Obama’s fate…it is a long game, which will yield results, or not, over time” (p. 29).  I certainly adopt this notion too.  I see it this way – a presidency is like a good marriage; a good marriage does not happen over night but it morphs over the long term.


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