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Random Thoughts

  1. Why are we (as Americans) obsessed with fake hair, teeth, eyelashes and breasts?  Are we (men) driving women to do such things?  Is Hollywood driving men and women to spend money on such things?  Are we trying to sequester aging? 
  2. My heart aches for the Woods family – especially, for the kids.  And I guess I understand why sponsors are dropping Tiger from their line up to promote their products.  I suppose such indiscretions bring shame on the sponsor’s name and product.  Yet, I wonder do these sponsors realize that every ‘human face’ of their products has hidden crap?  Some are found out (like Tiger); others do well to hide their mess or indiscretions.  Are these sponsors looking for a squeaky clean or perfect person to promote their products?  If so, who exactly fits that bill?  I am in no way trying to condone Tiger’s infidelity because adultery wreaks havoc widely.  But are sponsors (and the public) actually encouraging high-profile people like Tiger (Bill Clinton, Jonathan Edwards, etc.) to commit hypocrisy?  Are we allowing these broken people the freedom to parade their broken-ness in public or do we force broken people to pretend they have it ‘all together’ when they really don’t?


Texting and driving

I remember attending a seminar on guarding one’s time at work.  On the top of the list was managing emails because if not managed well, answering and responding to email can consume most of one’s work day.  I recall vividly what the presenter said: “remember the ‘e’ in email does not mean emergency but rather electronic.”  That saying has served me well to this day (although many emailers expect their emails to be treated as an emergency and answered quickly).    Yet, I wonder if texting has a hidden “emergency” associated with it.  Why do I ask?  We (motorists) have been warned of the dangers of texting and driving, however, I see many still texting and driving (including yours truly).  Do we try to return a text while driving because it is like a person to person conversation?  In conversations there is little dead space; rather, two or more people are engaged and exchanging words back and forth.  Is this why we text and drive because it would be awkward and rude not to exchange words back and forth in a person to person conversation?


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