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Monthly Archives: January 2010

Watching films on the ‘big screen’ often can be a mirror to the movie goer’s heart and mind.  So, beware.  Several films force you to ask – “do I really believe what I tell others?”  For example, the classic film, Guess Who is Coming to Dinner, forces us to ask, “Do I really consider people of all races, genders, socio-economic statuses, etc. equal?”  In this film, the Draytons have taught their daughter, “Joey”, of such things but when she brings her African-American fiancé home, the dad’s true beliefs are exposed.  He is a bigot.  In the film, Crash, we see our true humanity (the good, the bad, the ugly) exposed on the big screen.  This movie shows us that not only do we treat others based on stereotypes  but we don’t live life in a vacuüm but rather, our actions (and inactions) affect others.  Sometimes this affect is immediate; at other times it is delayed.  The inter-connectivity our of lives is beautifully illustrated by Edith Schaeffer who says that our lives are weaved together as a quilt or tapestry.  Additionally, this film shows us that we are capable of doing virtuous things and also villanous things.  The same cop (Matt Dillion) that molest an African-American woman while his husband helplessly looks on turns out to be her ‘savior’; saving her from an overturned car that eventually explodes.  The ‘good cop’ (Officer Tom Hansen) who is disgusted at this bad cop’s behavior kills Det. Waters’ younger brother because he assumed that he might be reaching for a gun?  Truly, this movie affirms that each human person is truly a real life Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde dual personality!