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Monthly Archives: May 2010

Most people would agree that the family context is vitally important for a child’s spiritual, emotional, moral, relational, and social development.  The Greeks coined a term eudaimonia which means well-being.  The family fosters the well-being or the flourishing of children.  And society benefits from children who are raised in the family context – a child’s first social and educational environment.  It’s in the family that children learn gender roles, conflict resolution, emotional management skills and what it means to be a community member.  If this is true, and I believe it is, why the fuss on white couples adopting black kids or white families adopting Asian kids or why the fuss over cross ethnic and cross racial adoptions?  I can think of a couple of reasons.  One, whites might be accused of acting like the “messiah.”  Some have said the white messiah complex is portrayed in the film, “The Blind Side.”  A rich white couple ‘rescues’ a homeless black boy from the streets.  Second, Americans still have hang ups with race and ethnicity.  For example, blacks would argue that whites have no business raising black kids – because their cultures are polar opposite among other things.  It is odd for many Americans to see cross-ethnic and cross-racial adoptions because it does not fit our worldviews.  Generally, we don’t have a category for cross-racial and cross-ethnic families.  Do whites consider themselves the ‘savior’ of non-whites?  To be sure, there is some of this going on.  However, one thing the film “Blind Side” taught me was that kids flourish when they are raised in a functional family environment.  This does mean there will not be hiccups along the way but every child deserves and needs to be loved and the family provides that place of nurture.  Don’t we want this for all children? I wonder if there would be so much fuss if non-white couples adopted white kids or Asian kids, etc.?