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Monthly Archives: September 2013

In my Professional Orientation Class this Fall 2013 semester, we talked about those callings/jobs/vocations/professions, etc. that contribute to the common good for all human beings and those callings/jobs/vocations/professions that deny or rob humanity of the common good; or better, those callings/jobs/vocations/professions that derail human beings from flourishing or prospering. One student asserted or implied that God might have created Eve to fall into sin in order to bring good in the end. Thus, his reasoning leads him to believe that God purposely leads or ordains people to enter “fields” like prostitution, drug dealing, sex trafficking, etc. in order to bring good in the end. This sounds like the “end” justifying the “means”?

My response to his comments and reasoning
Regarding our discussion about those industries, callings/jobs/vocations/professions, etc. that do not contribute to the common good or aid and abet human flourishing, like prostitution, drug dealing, sex trafficking, etc. God never ordains or leads a person to enter “fields” like these in order to bring good in the end. Rather, our waywardness and inclination to evil leads us into such fields. To say otherwise, would suggest that God is the perpetuator of evil or an accomplice in evil. This would suggest that God reasons to Himself to use an evil means to lead to a desired good. Ironically, this is the same argument that some white Christians have used to justify the inhumane institution of U.S. Slavery. That argument goes like this – God ordained U.S. slavery because look at the number of blacks who came to faith!

God did not create Eve or Adam to fall into sin; rather, God made Eve morally innocent with the hope of training she and Adam in the ways of the Lord. God did not create Eve to fall; rather, God created Eve and Adam to enjoy Him forever. The unwise use or exercise of their free will and the Dark Power’s deception led to Adam’s and Eve’s fall into sin. So, while we dare not say that God purposely leads someone into these unsavory occupations, God can nevertheless rescue someone from these positions and bring something good from it. Namely, God can take trash and make it beautiful; that’s redemption!