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I recently helped a person receive a free car; yes, a free car. Yet, this ‘act of kindness’ has not been without its challenges. In fact, the benefactor of this free car has been quite rude and unappreciative at times. Honestly, there were times I wanted to walk away from helping this person. But, her story compelled me to persevere. Her story compelled me to tolerate her bouts of rudeness. Here’s her story: this person is a single mother of three daughters (the middle daughter is a freshman in a local community college via the A+ program; and the youngest daughter is a high school student); the oldest daughter is also a single mother and living on her own. This person is paralyzed on her left side due to several strokes. This person lives in low income housing. This person suffers from low self-esteem; most likely because she is overweight. This person suffers with a myriad of health issues; high blood pressure being chief among them. To say that this person has a difficult relationship with her oldest daughter is an understatement. Their relationship is quite volatile! Yet, it was this person’s story that compelled me to show compassion and to stick with it. In other words, knowing this person’s story engendered a compassion toward her.


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