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What do I know about this incident involving Brown and Wilson? As account after account comes forward and as eye-witness after eye-witness comes forward, I can say confidently, ‘I don’t know very much.’  Because of conflicting accounts, I don’t know if Brown was surrendering as the shots were being fired or was he charging the officer?  Based on one independent autopsy ordered by the family, we know that of the shots fired, six hit Brown (two in the head).  A Facebook friend conferred with an officer friend who said, “firing 6 shots in a 3-4 second time frame is standard.” So, is firing 6 shots at an unarmed man standard protocol or overkill? Did Wilson, the police officer, tell Brown and his friend to get out the street and onto the f**king sidewalk as Dorian Johnson, Brown’s friend initially reported?  In other words, did the police officer instigate the whole thing or was there just cause to use an expletive to get them out of the street and onto the sidewalk? I don’t know if Wilson, the officer who shot Brown, shot this young man because of malicious intent or was he shooting to save his life?  Why was Wilson in this community to begin with – was he assigned to this beat? Was there an initial struggle between Brown and the police officer after their first encounter?   I do not know if calling in a militarized police force was a wise thing to do? I do not know if imposing a curfew by Governor Nixon was the right thing to do?  While I don’t know very much, I do know a family and a community and perhaps a country are grieving and asking questions.  I know that due diligence must be done to arrive at justice.  I know that a careful investigation needs to take place for the truth to truly emerge. I know we must apply our minds and our hearts to this situation; emotionalism will not suffice by itself and nor will rationalism suffice alone.  I know this sad incident has awaken otherwise complacent people out of their stupor and catapulted them into a conversation.  I think upon hearing that Brown was shot (6) times might incite the already restless Ferguson community a bit more. I know that we cannot continue to ignore the race discussion even if it is uncomfortable.  I know that this is a big mess.  As a Christian, I know I must pray and be thoughtful what I write as to not be part of the problem but rather be part of the solution.

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  1. My head is also spinning from the conflicting information. As a white female, I have no idea how it feels to be a black male in this country. I know that I want to “be the change” that needs to happen in terms of race problems in this country, and fear is a powerful emotion no matter the color of our skin. I also pray….for peace, changed hearts for all involved, and safety for those that are dealing with the aftermath.

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