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I am reading the book, Americanah, by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. It is a fictional novel that chronicles an African female’s sojourn in America (specifically, she is from Nigeria).  This statement from this book inspired this blog, “she was struck by how mostly slim white people got off at the [train] stops in Manhattan and, as the train went further into Brooklyn, the people left were mostly black and fat. She had not thought of them as ‘fat,’ though.  She had thought of them as ‘big,’ because one of the first things her friend Ginika told her was that ‘fat’ in America was a bad word, heaving with moral judgment like ‘stupid’ or ‘bastard,’ and a mere description like ‘short’ or ‘tall'” (p. 6). Okay, maybe we should not call people ‘fat’ but why do we avoid discussing the hard topics like being overweight, poor eating habits, working too much, cigarette smoking, etc.? Why are topics such as these taboo or off-limits while such realities cause havoc to people and their loved ones? Is this truly loving someone by skirting around these topics? According to this website – – being overweight leads to:

  • “high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, and heart diseases,”
  • “type II diabetes”
  • “pressure and strain on the lower back and joints which may lead to arthritis”
  • “depression, low self-esteem and irritability”

Just think, if we (especially, the church) talked more frequently, lovingly, gracefully and winsomely, about such things and if we (especially, the church) were willing to walk with those who struggled with these “taboo issues” – is it possible that we can reduce the occurrence of such maladies?

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