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Many African-American churches in the urban core are filled; filled with more women than men. I am not surprised at this because many moms are single parents and men have abandoned and abdicated their roles.  And many sermonic messages are ‘slanted’ and appeal to women; thus, men conclude, “he (the preacher) is not speaking to me, so why attend?” Is this ‘feminization of churches’ true of other non-African-American churches or contexts? At many colleges, the female students outnumber the male students on average 2 to 1 (this was certainly the case at Lindenwood University, St. Charles, MO where I formerly taught). I know quite a few men are incarcerated; many men enlist into the armed services.  Yet, there seems to be a shortage of men.  Am I the only one to observe this? Is there a shortage of men? Are women having more female babies versus male babies? Have men sequestered themselves away to hide behind computer screens?  Could it be that men are so mesmerized with pornography that they have opted out of society? Or maybe being enthralled with video games is the culprit for what appears to be ‘a virtual no show of men folk’ in our society? Perhaps, they are socially awkward and have removed themselves from society, making occasional cameo appearances, so says psychologist Philip Zimbardo (listen to  Again, I ask, where are the men?


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