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Monthly Archives: November 2015

I often say to predominantly white audiences, “I am not mad or upset about your privileges or your ‘special access’ to places I don’t have access. I just encourage you to use these ‘privileges’ for the common good or for the sake of human flourishing.” I truly expect this of my white brothers and sisters in Christ. Why? Because we are family members! Yet, I have been disappointed with some of my white brothers and sisters (as there are always exceptions to the rule). ¬†For me, when a person asks for book or speaker recommendations I often give the names of white brothers and sisters – I do this without a second thought! Many of these folks I have met in person; for many of these folks I have met on the pages of their books or articles; and for many of them I have met through others who I value and trust greatly. I am not given that same ‘without a second thought’¬†regards often among my white brothers and sisters. Or maybe I am over reacting or being overly sensitive? Is it unreasonable to expect the same high regard from my white brothers and sisters?