the longing for egalitarianism

Egalitarianism is often pitted against complementarianism. I know this to be true.  However, complementarianism is eschewed by women and egalitarianism is being pushed and is preferred in our culture today. There is an overwhelming longing for egalitarianism. I just wonder; is this because of…

  1. men’s abuse of power, authority, or position? I think of the Roman Catholic Church pedophile scandal; and I think of the #metoo and #churchtoo movements, for instance.
  2. our church’s outdated traditions that inadvertently oppress, subservient-ize, and belittle women?
  3. men’s abdication of their leadership roles in the home and in the church?
  4. men’s absence in homes and in churches?
  5. male clergy’s poor exegesis, and application, of passages like 1 Timothy 2:8f?
  6. men not affirming the gifts and talents of women in the church?
  7. men not affirming the inherent dignity and worth of women as imago Dei bearing creatures?
  8. men’s failure to repent of abuses, neglect, or abdication?
  9. men’s slow development or maturation?


I just wonder.

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